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Babà Torta Vesuvio con raggiera di babarini

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The story behind the Vesuvius Babà dates back to 1994, the year the G7 summit came to Naples. For the occasion, confectioner Giovanni Scaturchio created a babà in the shape of Mount Vesuvius, with the intention of showing the world leaders the fusion of Neapolitan creativity with the art of pastry-making. Our Vesuvius Babà was an enormous success and as such, the name, shape and idea were patented in 1995.

The babà or babbà is a baked product, yeast risen with brewer’s yeast, typical of Neapolitan confectionery. The babà is derived from the naturally leavened dessert of Polish origin, the babka ponczowa. The recipe was used by French chefs and from there came the name babà or babbà, used in Neapolitan pastry-making. The invention of the babà is ascribed to the Polish king Stanislao Leszczyński, father in law of Louis XV of France. Leszczyński delighted in culinary invention, but, having lost all of his teeth, it became impossible for him to eat sweets such as the ‘gugelhupf’, of Alsatian origin, which he found too dry. He decided therefore to soften it in ‘tokaj’ and syrup. The classic mushroom-shape was invented in Paris by the famous pastry-maker Nicolas Stohrer together with Maria Leszczyńska, daughter of the Polish king.

Another origin story is that the shape was made to remind the king of the bell-shaped skirts worn by elderly ladies, the babka. Yet another story describes the king, who, in a bad mood, hurled the dessert towards a sideboard, shattering a bottle of rum. The dessert was bathed in rum and Stanislao tasted it, realising it was a perfect combination.

In the nineteenth century the craftsman Brillat-Savarin invented a liqueur which went perfectly with fruit cocktails. The French pastry-shop of the Julien brothers had the idea to put a fruit salad inside a baba and add a coat of apricot jam: giving rise to the Babà Savarin. The first evidence of the the dessert’s presence in the Parthenopean Republic dates back to 1836, when the cook Angeletti wrote a culinary manual in which he described the recipe with raisin and saffron. These last two ingredients have been lost in time, in preference of a lighter and fluffier taste.

Our interpretation guarantees our babà has a softness and aroma which makes it one of our most famous products, available in various dimensions and shapes. On offer is the classic shape, the ring-shaped cake or in the form of Mt Vesuvius, our pride and trademark.

Ingredients: Manitoba flour, sugar, margarine, egg, yeast.

Liquid: water, sugar, alcohol, natural aromas, lemon peel.

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