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“Tradition is culture.” Our traditional desserts tell the story of Naples and its people. To taste the sfogliatella, the babà, the pastiera, or other classic seasonal desserts is like travelling in the history, customs and traditions of the Neapolitans. It is like listening to the clamour of the alleyways, the happy chaos of the bars where Neapolitans and visitors alike gather to taste the goodness of Neapolitan tradition.



Scaturchio’s Ministeriale is a symbol of workmanship and poetry, created in the 20s by Francesco Scaturchio. Francesco, a talented young man, fell in love with an alluring celebrity known as Anna Fougez, (born Maria Annina Laganà Pappacena). She asked the pastry chef to invent something for her, and Francesco created the Ministeriale: a dark chocolate medallion filled with a soft liqueur cream made of ricotta, fruit and hazelnuts.

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